• High Temperature Membrane Applications

    Novel external crossflow membrane module operating at temperatures up to 80˚C (176˚F).

  • In House or On Site Piloting

    Offering a suite of piloting options to ensure your solution is as unique as your application.

  • Membrane Solutions

    Discover why membranes may be the right solution for your application.

  • Crossflow Filtration Calculators

    Engineering calculators for crossflow membrane filtration conversions.


CUT is dedicated to ensuring our customers are well informed when making important decisions. Please take a few minutes to read...

Custom Solutions

Membrane separation is a fairly new technology to most. Our engineers have decades of experience in the membrane industry and are here...

Commitment to R&D

CUT’s commitment to research and development means that the company reinvests a major portion of its operating income back into the...

Case Studies

PermaFlow™ membrane systems have been successfully integrated to meet small and large water separation requirements throughout the...

Company Overview

CUT Membrane Technologies is a growing company operating in the dynamic field of membrane water separation. CUT’s...



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