• High Temperature Membrane Applications

    Breakthrough tubular membrane module with an operating temperature up to 90˚C (194˚F).

  • Piloting

    In house and deployable pilots to ensure your solution is as unique as your application.

  • Why CUT?

    Discover why membrane technology is our bread and butter.

  • Crossflow Filtration Calculators

    Engineering calculators for crossflow membrane filtration conversions.

Oily Wastewater

Oily wastewater discharge can be an expensive and time consuming task. CUT offers innovative and proven methods to solve this...

Custom Solutions

Membrane separation is a fairly new technology to most. Our engineers have decades of experience in the membrane industry and are here...

Commitment to R&D

CUT’s commitment to research and development means that the company reinvests a major portion of its operating income back into the...

Case Studies

PermaFlow™ membrane systems have been successfully integrated to meet small and large water separation requirements throughout the...

Company Overview

CUT Membrane Technologies is a growing company operating in the dynamic field of membrane water separation. CUT’s...


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