• High Temperature Polymeric Membranes

    Novel external crossflow membrane module operating at temperatures up to 80˚C (176˚F).

  • Anaerobic MBR

    Offering the premier membrane solution for the toughest to treat anaerobic digestate.

  • Membrane Solutions

    Discover why membranes may be the right solution for your application.

  • In House or On Site Piloting

    Offering a suite of piloting options to ensure your solution is as unique as your application.

Press Releases

CUT Membrane Technologies has been selected by AMBBIO / Atlatec to provide a wastewater treatment system for a Honda manufacturing...

Custom Solutions

Liquid solid separation through the use of membranes is a well established industry but can be a very complex field. Our engineers...

Commitment to R&D

CUT and Thetis’ ongoing commitment to research and development fuels the development of our novel membrane technologies. Our...

Case Studies

PermaFlow™ membrane systems have been successfully integrated to meet small and large water separation requirements throughout the...

Membrane Filtration Learning Centre

CUT and Thetis are proud to offer innovative solutions in the dynamic field of membrane filtration. PermaFlow™ solutions are...

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